BEYOND BASICS!- A workshop that focuses primarily on helping dog owners understand their dogs better. It helps to target behaviour challenges faced and helps owners to solve them from the root rather than a superficial quick fix.

We strongly believe that, “Language is suppose to break barriers and not create them!”

In my years of working with dogs and interacting with pet parents, I have come across owners from either end of the spectrum! Some that are well informed on how to raise a dog, some are philosophical and some come up with challenging inquisitive questions on dog behaviour and training. 

We also have dog owners who are clueless that a certain behaviour is a problem and they live with the problem thinking this is how ALL DOGS are!

We speak at length on:

Canine Behaviour, Understanding a dogs body language, Dog training hurdles A-Z. Way to build on a meaningful relationship with your dog. Root causes of unpredictable behaviours in dogs and much more. We resonate with your day to day struggles and we stand tall after 16 years and thousands of dogs trained and behaviour problems solved for only one purpose i.e TO BRIDGE THE COMMUNICATION GAP BETWEEN CANINES AND HUMANS.