A while back someone asked me, Why train dogs? Let dogs be dogs? Interesting!! Its a question I asked myself too, many years back because the image of a trainer was a giant inhumane heartless monster who would beat my dog into listening. Until I learned what love and kindness can do to a species.

Here’s what i think..

My counter is why pick them up at all from their natural surroundings or WHY GET A DOG AT ALL? Because coexistence of two different species needs a lot of understanding of each other’s language and training does just that.

I always say, learn some of their language and teach them some of yours!

“We are all perfect dog trainers, untill we get a dog that tells us otherwise!”

We celebrate when they behave like humans thats because thats the only way we can relate to them. Its human tendency! Dogs life or animals for that matter are way advanced. They communicate, coexist and talk in a language that we humans cannot even fathom of!

Dogs life is very simple.

We humans complicate things, so much for our highly evolved brains! Their obeying with no choice would purely be to an AVERSIVE METHOD of training and not to a positive approach at all! With positive approach we teach them life saving skills and bring out the best in dogs, be it dealing with aggression / separation anxieties/ attention seeking/ behaviours/ recalls/ walks/ confidence level in public. etc to name a few.

In order to stay with us and to be happy we need to train ourselves into learning and understanding dogs body language and calming signals and we need to learn how to give our dogs an enriched environment by mentally and physically stimulating them and dogs need to learn basic behaviours like Recall, Sit, Shake hands, Settle down, Direct downs, Meaning of the word No, Stay, Fetching toys, Walking properly on the leash, Not jumping on people, Being polite around elderly people and small children, How to control their impulses in public and not Lunging and also how to behave around other dogs.

We can teach our dogs anything that we set our minds to and make wonderful memories.

My dogs surprise me everyday by showing their enthusiasm to learn more and more, in turn, i know i am learning everyday too!