Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what Dog Parents have to say :

K9 companions is the best thing which happened . As a new pet parent I was clueless as to how to train and manage my 4 month old German Shepard ‘ KYzer’ but all thanks to Priti and her expertise things are clear and going well . I feel talking with Priti during the sessions was one of the highlights of her training as she is so passionate and selfless in her love towards her training programme . Priti can’t thank you enough for the way you conducted the sessions . Always grateful for this . Special thank you to Arpit Bacchan for being such a wonderful trainer and so concerned about every detail in managing . Thank you once again team K9 companions . Looking forward for a long association with you.

Lavina Bhosale

Pet parent to Kyzer

My dog Scooby had a lovely time at K9 companions with Preeti , Arpit and Sundari. There has been a tremendous improvement in his behaviour now that we compare it to how he was before. These sessions really gave a perspective and an understanding about dog’s behaviour, reactivity towards our behaviour, positive reinforcements and association and creating a deep level of understanding between humans and them to co-exist happily.Gave us a push to consistently follow all these wonderful practices for the benefit of the dog and us as well.Thank you so much! Really looking forward to meet again and keep in touch with your team:)

Shweta Deshmukh

Pet parent to Scooby

Priti and Arpit both have been phenomenal in training me to train my German Shepherd “Logan”. The entire course enabled me understand the mistakes I did while training Logan on my own, and how an easy bond that we shared could have been used to get him do things which he would love to. Being super attached to me, it was tough to have things done , but Priti and Arpit made sure we gave the time and followed the process..

I would definitely recommend K9companions to those paw parents, who love their fur babies and would take that extra mile to create a magic off the bond they share.

Vivek Padmanabhan

Pet parent to Logan

First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH Priti & Arpit. You guys are amazing & highly professional. As first pet parents, we had no clue about our mistakes & so many things towards our baby SIMBA. Now, because of your guidance, we can understand our baby completely. Thank you for correcting SIMBA, as well as us. Our SIMBA learned so many things like resource guarding, all necessary commands, impulse control, etc. I strongly recommend k9companions for all good pet parents, who want to train their baby with love & patience.

Vaishali Sharma

Pet parent to Simba

As first time pet parents we had absolutely no clue about what goes in training a pet .. the efforts Preeti and Arpit have put in to train Zorro (husky) are commendable. Not only did Zorro learn a lot but we learnt a lot too. Things we had not heard of like fear periods, panic training were of utmost value.
From a brat we now have an absolute star (well almost) at home.
I strongly recommend k9companions to any and every one with a pet who is looking for an absolutely reliable ‘dynamic duo’ to train their pet.

Dhara Sanghavi

Pet parent to Zorro

Our baby Shelby totally loved spending time with Priti ma’am and Arpit. Priti ma’am is extremely professional and k9 institute is the best for training your fur baby. I highly recommend it. It is a institute where training is done with compassion and without any force.

Harsha Mahajan

Pet parent to Shelby

I was in tears this morning as I called Priti immediately to thank her. Thanks to her training that today I am more confident of leaving my Malt off leash so he can be free, he doesn’t have to be bound to me every time but he still comes back to me when I call him.Priti you are truly an awesome trainer. I really can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me and Malt. You’re just the best! 

Mahua Narayan

Pet parent to Malt

 I know a lot of dog trainers but very few actually do it because of the love towards these animals. I am based in Dubai and I am doing a long distance puppy training for my frenchie via video calls.

The affection that Priti has for dogs is absolutely crazy!! She literally talks to my 3 month old puppy via videos and I am sure he loves her more than me.

Thank you Priti

Parikshit Balochi

Pet parent to Visa

So our dog arrived- and we were very very sure that Reeo will be professionally trained. From multiple friends in the city, we got only one name- Priti Chauhan. Well, why get a professional trainer when we can do it by watching YouTube videos? I don’t want a show dog.. I don’t want circus tricks.. why train? Well, I have been a teacher- but I still send my daughter to school! They say dogs are just like our babies, but are they? We love them like our own but we have got them into human life and for that the humans need training to understand their life and coexist with them. We had 10 sessions of Basic Obedience training with Priti. Sit- Stay- Walk- Jump is easy.. but I am proud to say that along with that , we also have a dog who will never jump at your dinner plate or beg at your side for chicken scraps or left overs.. a dog who will not move when a stranger child is touching him all over – a dog who is absolutely ok to be checked by a vet on an elevated surface – a dog who loves the outdoors and loves car rides- a dog who is a pleasure to walk on and off leash- a dog to will be sniffing at a female dog on heat- but will run to me like a bullet when I call him just once.. a dog who will know when it’s time for his walk and be ready at the door and know when we have to leave him at home and be so chilled in the balcony that he won’t even be bothered to come to the door.. a dog who has NEVER torn apart any furniture- a dog who cares two hoots about fire crackers and a dog who will pee and poop when I tell him to and where I want him to…. that only a PRITI CHAUHAN can do. Training is necessary to help understand each other’s boundaries, respect each other’s way of life and coexist with love and joy and be the only reward in each others lives! We had a great life like a multi flavour ice cream.. but Priti added the cherries, the chocolate sauce and the toasted hazelnuts- because she is premium and we wanted only the BEST! Grateful!

Karishma Nemade

Pet parent to Reeo

Priti does not only train the dogs to adjust to human environment but trains the human to understand the dog more from a dog’s perspective as well. She has been there for us on calls late night when we needed her. All her methods are pet friendly. If the dog loves his trainer, then you as an owner, have done a good job choosing one. We love Priti she is one of the best things that have happened to me and my boy. “Every dog in a lifetime will always be trained by her…!”

Sonali Tribhuvan

Pet parent to Gustin

Of the many interactions I had with various people, Priti came across as the most passionate, knowledgeable and most importantly humane. With her sensibilities and empathetic approach Priti walked with us every step of the way to make Samar and all of us comfortable with each other. This helped all of us build bonds, understanding and respect for each other (pet and human family).Thereafter Priti has been with us as an advisor, guiding light and friend who is always available to Samar and us.Priti is a rare and wonderful human being who endeavours to make this world a better place by bringing dogs and humans closer. She is the best there is. God bless her

Sooraj Keswani

Pet parent to Samar

During this LOCKDOWN, Priti Ma’am is the best thing to happen to me and my baby Steffi. I sought her help to train my girl to do her business indoors and finally Steffi has learnt to do her job in our terrace which has been a relief. Ma’am is so patient and loving and caring. Her knowledge is immense. All thanks to this angel who just jumped to help us out during this trying times

Parul Rawal

Pet parent to Steffi

I am one of the pet parents trained by Priti ..she trains us more than the pets. And I am so so glad I found her to train us. She guided me to train my 6 month old mixed breed Viva with love affection and firmness.. I am the proud parent of a decently well behaved dog..who is well behaved.obeys commands.. doesn’t eat off the table…understands when told ‘no’ and yet one who has retained her quirks and her basic nature because she was never hit or hurt or terrorised into obeying. Another thing I absolutely respect about Priti is that she is not at all commercial.. I have time and again gone to Priti for guidance and she is always accessible and ready to help even now 3 yrs post the training. Just this evening she dropped by to help me deal with the aggression Viva is showing to a baby visiting us…and she didn’t even charge me…though you should Priti..we shouldn’t take advantage of your large heart. Thank you for being there for me and Viva..we are lucky to have you guiding us the way you do

Vaishali Vengsarkar Trikanand

Pet parent to Viva

What I would do without Priti I don’t know. The last 2 years has been a whirlwind with my Lhasa Apso. Since he was 3 months Priti has been training him and in fact even taught us to toilet train him in the bathroom. Hence he does potty only in the toilet. We have had many biting instances with the family as he has dominant aggression. All along Priti has helped us to handle him and she has handled us, as emotionally we have gone through a lot. Apart from training our dog she also trained us how to handle him. Inspite of having dogs all my life this one has been different and difficult .She is not just a trainer but a go to person for all dog related issues. Her 24×7 dedication and attention has been priceless for us.The most affectionate trainer with a golden touch. My Prince loves her. She is my go to person for all queries and doubts. Thank you Priti for your service beyond boundaries and hours. God bless you.

Tina Shah Varma

Pet parent to Prince

Priti Chauhan helped us by training our doggie Berry to settle down when we brought her home. Priti has not only trained Berry but has taught us to be good pet parents.Her methods of training are so good that I would recommend any pet parent to take her help and guidance for your canine companion.Keep up the good work !

Sameer Heblekar

Pet parent to Berry

The most beautiful part was the feeling of empathy .Thanks to her, our pet has calmed down a lot. It was like a miracle to see Coco, our aggressive Shihtzu obeying her at the first instance.She is indeed a wonderful trainer and person.Thank you Priti.

Mrs. Prasad

Pet parent to Coco

She helped us understand what our dogs wanted to communicate and helped us better to bond with them. The best part about Priti Ma’am is that she doesn’t just focus on any particular thing but looks over the entire lifestyle of the owner and the dog and then customises it especially for them. The love and care that she has for the canines will surely inspire you too. In regards to our dogs, she was the best decision we ever took 

Aishwarya Singh

Pet parent to Ollie and Snow

There can not be anyone else as qualified as Priti Chauhan in the entire world to understand and help out with aggression in dogs. Her exactness and perfection in understanding of a dog’s behaviour makes her extremely capable and unique in tough situations. We would have truly lost this dog or his life would have been utterly miserable had it not been for Priti who always comes back with brilliant Ideas, research and compassionate methods to help us out.

Neha Rawal

Pet parent to Zorro

Priti absolutely straight forward…no nonsense n not once did she ever use any unwanted physical harm….and that’s exactly how any parent would treat their child. Every now n then I still call her for little queries n she always has been there for guidance. I am sure that Rios babies will also be trained by her !!!! Thank you once again !!!!

Reema Nagpal Taware

Pet parents to Rio 

Priti Mam , came for a session for my lil pup and all of a sudden we could observe a very positive change in Sherry. We can honestly say that getting Sherry trained by Mam is Sherry’s gud luck as she is the best we could ever get. It was a privilege meeting her and looking forward to see her soon… Sherry too loved her presence…Thank you so much Ma’am 

Neha Tomar

Pet parent to Sherry 

We got Maple( a Golden Retriever pup) home when she was around 45 days old or so. Initially it was a lot of excitement and loads of cuddling but soon we realized getting a pup is more than just cuddles; she was biting off everything including furnitures and us, and pee and poop was all over the house!! That’s when we thought of checking for trainers. We being new pet parents, there was a lot to learn!

Priti was highly recommended to us by a friend who engaged Priti for her dog’s training about 6 years back. So Priti started training us and Maple when she was a little over 2 months. Priti opened a whole new world to us! There was so much to do and so much to learn and all of it with pure love and little firmness as and when required. This is called the positive reinforcement training. To be very honest, we didn’t know any other training methods existed . I still remember the first day when Priti came to our place. She must have spent a good 15-20 mins just cuddling up and playing with Maple. And Maple couldn’t stop wagging her tail- looking at this I was convinced that we were in good hands.

The training sessions were conducted both at home and outdoors encompassing all aspects. I’d list down my problems that I’d have dealing with Maple in particular situations and Priti would come up with novel solutions. She’s a genuine dog lover- to the core. Within a couple of sessions, we saw the difference in Maple and how she’d run to the bathroom to do her “job”- it involved a lot of patience- I’d almost given up on Maple’s toilet training but Priti encouraged us and asked for a little more patience. It worked!!!

Priti is more than just a trainer; she became a friend both to us and to Maple. Maple simply adores her. It’s amazing how behavior correction is handled by love, a little firmness and lots of treats! Our sessions are over with Priti and Maple still has a long way in being fully trained but now there’s no panic. And Priti is always accessible. She also runs a Whats app group which is a consult group for pet parents- it’s an amazing forum where you ask anything related to our furry kids-and you get responses from experienced folks. Very recently, she has started arranging for outdoor sessions( swimming, agility and all fun things that our pets would love to do) once a month. So in all, a relationship is built for a lifetime.

Jaya Sinha

Pet Parent to Maple