What makes our dog training programmes so unique?

Our methods are force-free and gentle. They rely on the latest science in dog behaviour research to create a strong bond between you and your dog and create positive emotions in your dog as opposed to fearful ones. They only reinforce the behaviours you want.

Dog owners are well informed and are so much more aware to choose the BEST for their dogs and over the years we have witnessed this transition in attitude. 

Choose dog training programmes that builds on your relationship with your canine companion and teaches you how to happily coexist keeping in mind a healthy relationship.

Say NO to programs that fail to engage your dog on a mental level, and fail to develop his/her intelligence. 

Am happiest when I receive calls for training and the pet owner is super concerned about the emotional well being of their dog and are well informed.

My years of work to show owners that there is another road to teaching and my struggles are forgotten in a blink when they choose FORCE FREE and RELATIONSHIP BUILDING training methods over dog training programs which are OUTDATED and use force and dominance techniques. This is proven NOT to work by the latest research.

DON’T TRAIN FOR CIRCUS!! Absolutely ok and am sure you all will agree with me. Investing time to teach your dog will make living with them easier.

Learn some of their language and teach some of yours to them! The basic training or also referred to as foundation training teaches your dog varied activities in our daily lives making living with us easier.  Simple things like coming when called (recall), greeting guests politely, not tugging on leash!

A trained dog is rarely put away with guests around and enjoys all the happiness like any other participating member of the family. Where training builds your bond with your pet to help you understand each other better you also have to ensure the methods used in training are fun, loving and not harsh and the entire programme is done in your presence.

Beware of trainers that ask you to sit back and relax while they take your dog outside for training!!

Cheers to having a wonderful k9 companion.

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A recall – An essential life saving command!! To have a perfect recall each time with your dog make sure you always associate their coming to you with super excited energy or high value rewards.

Dogs should never have an iota of doubt whether coming to you would be good or bad for themIT HAS TO BE GOOD EACH TIME THAT YOU RECEIVE THEM IN YOUR ARMS!

With pups that are still young and into their vaccinations please don’t think you can’t teach them. Start working indoors, channelise all the excess energy.

I remind people again and again tirelessly, when your pup starts to mouth and you feel things are getting out of control, one thing you can do is practice recall shuttle like the video provided. It tires them and gives you structure in play!

Train them young and teach the right behaviour from the very start.

Teach your dog impulse control! Do you have a dog that just wants to lunge on other dogs on the road or greet people by dragging the leash and jumping on them or have you ever had your arms pulled out because your dog saw a cat and lunged?

Watch and learn!

Walking your dog is one single most important activity of the day which will help you strengthen your bond!

Dogs pull on the leash for multiple reasons : Excited to reach someplace, outdoors are more welcoming than you, have been allowed interactions on leashes, nervous around people, other dogs or surroundings or simply because we have not taught them how to walk properly on a leash!

They say trust your upbringing! So i did. Taught Sundaree to walk her mum home. That gives me two free hands to make a video. Even when i know nothing is forever. The forever feeling feels good!!!

Train the dog owners well!

When we train dogs, a major part of it is to train and help the owners understand, communicate, build a strong bond of love and trust between the two.

Remember, “learning should always be from inside out!”

How about some nose work to stimulate your dog mentally? Tried to record and play simultaneously. Hope to give you all a basic idea.

Does your dog have “EYES FOR YOU!?” Socialisation does not mean tumble and rumble always. It should mean that our dogs would learn to focus on US in the presence of other dogs and people also. Watch and learn

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