beyond basics workshop -Online

A workshop that focuses on helping dog owners understand their dog’s behaviour, challenges and to solve them from the root rather than a superficial quick fix.

We will be covering:

🐾Canine Behaviour

🐾Understanding a dog’s body language

🐾Dog training hurdles A-Z

🐾Ways to build on a meaningful relationship with your dog

🐾Root causes of unpredictable behaviours in dogs.

🐾How to change your dog’s behaviour with active ignoring

🐾Understanding dog -dog sociability

🐾Managing a leash reactive dog and what can be done to improve this behaviour

🐾Dog park etiquette- Do’s and Dont’s

🐾Will neutering improve your dog’s behaviour

🐾Do’s and dont’s of dog training techniques

🐾How will you know your dog is a bully and how to change that.


🐾Home stays or kennels

🐾Common behaviour problems in dogs like-Unnecessary barking, lunging, and jumping at guests, toilet training, submissive urination, Puppy mouthing, chewing on furniture, and many more everyday challenges covered with solutions

🐾Learn the dog language

Also addressing everyone’s query regarding their dog’s behaviour and giving all possible solutions right there and then!

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Registration Fee INR 1000/- per person