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  1. shidem says:

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  2. descbel says:

    Other features
    Besides its native support for both iOS and Android, Pasteasy runs fine under Windows through desktop-based and tablet applications.
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    The Pasteasy app
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  3. phioli says:

    “You’ve never even begun to scratch the surface of what the Internet has to offer you.”
    The Internet is the one of the most useful inventions of the last century, which will not only allow us to keep up with the news, but to learn about new things and go on adventures outside of our immediate environment.
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  4. vachjai says:

    Hi. I’m trying to install my telecommand rc (modified version of the original RC) on xubuntu. There’s no fgcom_gui package available in the xubuntu repository. How could I get around that? I’m new to linux / ubuntu…

    @Sandro Tansiy
    I guess they are just not a huge part of the project; you could support development of the project by fixing bugs / submitting patches. (Just don’t promise to complete a feature 😉
    I have been messing around with the code myself a bit, and it is pretty trivial to fix many things https://funcreringbac.weebly.com

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  5. burnsusa says:

    The initial release of the framework consists of one folder, which includes C# and Java versions of few static classes, one JS file and one project file. The back-end is Visual Studio, and the front-end is Mr. Elements

    Basics of usage

    The framework consists of few basic classes. The one of them is GenerateJavaSourceFileMapper.

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  6. darygeor says:

    One more thing: it is available for both, Windows and Mac.

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  7. yoveilea says:

     It will not work under Windows Home Server 2008 or on the TP4 product. For more information, see Install TabCreator for Windows Home Server on MSDN.
    See the screen shot below to see what TabCreator looks like.

    1.1: Microsoft’s Windows Home Server:
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  8. yoveilea says:

     It will not work under Windows Home Server 2008 or on the TP4 product. For more information, see Install TabCreator for Windows Home Server on MSDN.
    See the screen shot below to see what TabCreator looks like.

    1.1: Microsoft’s Windows Home Server:
    Windows Home Server is a Windows Server-based distributed network computing platform. It also enables seamless and automated backup and recovery of your files and data stored on both Windows Server and Windows Home Server. https://teteloovi.weebly.com

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  9. phielbu says:

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  10. norcher says:

    Because some media players (mostly those in the android platform) have multi-platform designs, to prevent unauthorized and incompatible software update, some safety layers are added on the playing platform.

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  11. jamhei says:

    This can be used to prevent hissing or crackling sounds when using the instrument as a microphone. As a bonus, the plugin also includes a multi-band compressor and a multi-band equalizer as well as a stereo lane splitter with routing options.
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  12. janaell says:

    Chord Maestro provides a comfortable, slick, and easy way to use your PDF charts while working and creating music in Cubase or Alesis Control 24.

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  13. janeott says:

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  14. temgab says:

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  15. bambvoyt says:

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  16. wahprom says:


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  17. chaipel says:

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  18. jalayam says:

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  19. chipnady says:

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  20. brereed says:

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  21. garitum says:

    Cross-platform compatibility
    The software is cross-platform compatible, so it works seamlessly in any computer of Windows and Mac operating systems. The user interface was created with ease of use in mind and did not involve any superfluous details, in order to adjust to user needs and preferences. Thus, you can get your converted file to a printer, send it to a photo developer, or simply open it in MS Word.
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  22. ambrmari says:

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  23. ranelea says:

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