Recall is a life saving command and that’s why the first command I teach all my dogs. It feels so good when they come running to you like you matter the most, like there isn’t anything as important in the world as you.I associate my recalls with treats and loads of love and petting. No leashes, no ropes, no constraints. Pure love and hope, hope that something good is about to happen to them gets them to run straight into your arms like there is no tomorrow. With a bunch of stray puppies I started calling them from far by the name “puppies”. Believe me in no time they understood this lady carries biscuits for us and she is fun. Till date although they aren’t puppies anymore they are like horses but when I say puppies from a distance they all come speeding to me and sometime push each other to come first. It’s a sight that makes every morning worthwhile for me.

If you ask me, I would say a good recall needs bond and desire the dog feels to be with you. No amount of food can make a dog give you cent percent recall outdoors each time you call them. The most important thing in recall is to remember that you have to make yourself more exciting than the outdoors which will offer you dogs distractions at every step. So play and bond, use food rewards and never call a dog and scold, if you are upset with your dog you can always walk up to the dog and reprimand then why create a conflict in the dog’s mind on a crucial command like recall by calling and scolding him?It’s you that’s the biggest reward for your dog, start building on it.

Relationships develop over time. Establishing a bond, loving a dog should start immediately after you bring your pup/dog home. This is not something you have to wait for formal training to start.Be someone the dog looks upto to depend on. Be someone the dog looks up to for affection, play and exercise. The initial under-confident few months can be used remarkably well by pet parents to show your dog how dependable you are and how you are the one s/he should look up to. Learn by careful observation what your dog loves and do more of that to start building blocks of them wanting you, wanting your time.

Dog training is serious business, but nowhere it’s said that you can’t have fun while doing it. Remember if you are not comforting and fun to be with even a dog will show you by not obeying. Maybe its you or your methods, maybe the dog doesn’t understand what you ask of him/her. Be clear, be loving, be a protector, a provider and there you have a K9 companion for life.



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