Both are four-letter words and define each other beautifully. Imagine a world where you can sense happiness even before it comes to you!Lived all my life where work did give loads of linear success but inside I sense this vacuum as if a parallel life exists within. Dogs have been my companion since childhood, giving sadness only when literally death did us part. They have always been the channel for […]
It is not the entire process of being with a dog. There is so much more to what we can make out of the company of a dog. The word DOG TRAINING is a misnomer! Training should mean fear free joyful existence with your dog. Ask any dog owner who has an aggressive dog and you would know how they live with the constant fear of what the dog might […]
IF OUR DOGS KNEW HOW TO..THEY WOULD COMMIT SUICIDE! Here s why i say that.. We bring in dogs into our lives where a large population is either first time dog owners or had way too many dogs but had no time or never bothered to check on what their dogs are telling them. Dogs try to understand us by the way we behave, our body language, our facial expressions […]
Do you know what is ‘GOATS ON THE ROCK?’ Our dogs should be taught from early on to having their paws handled. Counter condition them to the clipper by making it a positive experience being around the clipper, use treats. Also at times if the ‘Quick’ gets accidentally cut it can cause a bad experience to the entire nail clipping exercise. What is dog’s Quick? Quick is the area which […]
FEELINGS We have all heard and read enough to know how a pet and mostly a dog can physiologically and pscyochologically be beneficial for our sound health and happiness. As a behaviourist I have always wondered as to what our dogs are thinking and how do they perceive the human care giving. People get dogs for different reasons, some would bring dogs for guarding their properties, some are a specific […]
“OH GOD! I HAVE AN ATTENTION SEEKER AT HOME” Attention seeking is a perfectly normal behaviour for pups because it’s a part of survival mechanism as they depend totally on their mums for care giving but in adult dogs jumping, pawing, barking and whining for attention can very quickly become annoying. I am sure many at some point of time had to either make this statement or at least hear […]
The Panic Puddles Does your dog pee in submission? Submissive urination by our dog is a way of telling us that we mean no harm to you. I am no threat. Please don’t harm me “I don’t want to confront any one”. It’s more like a white flag for peace. Submissive urination is most common in puppies but some adult dogs do that as well. Specially those that lack confidence […]
TEACHING PUPPIES HOW TO CLIMB STAIRS This is one exercise that makes me feel really wanted around young puppies. The nervousness and anxiety I very quickly use to teach my pup that hey, “I am dependable” let’s do this together, I am your protector and I will make sure you get down the fleet of stairs safely with me.  They are anxious, they whine and they just want to be […]
ASSOCIATIONS Dogs learn a great deal by simply associating the outcome or the end result to the stimulus provided. On my regular walks with Haseena, my dog, every morning I saw one of my favorite Indie who is lovingly called Jawsy, sitting in one corner and shivering. I tried calling her she didn’t move even for a treat. Upon approaching her she started licking her inner thigh and then stomach. It was […]
THE CALLING TAILS Recall is a life saving command and that’s why the first command I teach all my dogs. It feels so good when they come running to you like you matter the most, like there isn’t anything as important in the world as you.I associate my recalls with treats and loads of love and petting. No leashes, no ropes, no constraints. Pure love and hope, hope that something […]