The Panic Puddles

Does your dog pee in submission? Submissive urination by our dog is a way of telling us that we mean no harm to you. I am no threat. Please don’t harm me “I don’t want to confront any one”. It’s more like a white flag for peace.

Submissive urination is most common in puppies but some adult dogs do that as well. Specially those that lack confidence or are nervous, excited or intimidated. Some urinate on seeing owners, some with visitors, some with other dogs and some with just everyone. It’s a normal canine communication. All you have to do is reduce excitement levels upon greeting.

Correct your body posture such that you do not intimidate your dog. Most of the time I have seen sitting sideways next to your dog and stroking calmly helps than looming over and using over-excited tone of voice upon meeting. Even teaching an alternate behaviour like a sit helps upon greeting but again facial expression should be calm and voice loving.

Our body language plays a vital role so try not to show disgust when you see that your dog has made a puddle in submission instead help to calm your dog. Not all dogs are intimidated and submissive but if they are work along the personality of your dog to bring out the best in your K9 companion.