TEACHING PUPPIES HOW TO CLIMB STAIRS This is one exercise that makes me feel really wanted around young puppies. The nervousness and anxiety I very quickly use to teach my pup that hey, “I am dependable” let’s do this together, I am your protector and I will make sure you get down the fleet of stairs safely with me.  They are anxious, they whine and they just want to be […]
ASSOCIATIONS Dogs learn a great deal by simply associating the outcome or the end result to the stimulus provided. On my regular walks with Haseena, my dog, every morning I saw one of my favorite Indie who is lovingly called Jawsy, sitting in one corner and shivering. I tried calling her she didn’t move even for a treat. Upon approaching her she started licking her inner thigh and then stomach. It was […]
THE CALLING TAILS Recall is a life saving command and that’s why the first command I teach all my dogs. It feels so good when they come running to you like you matter the most, like there isn’t anything as important in the world as you.I associate my recalls with treats and loads of love and petting. No leashes, no ropes, no constraints. Pure love and hope, hope that something […]
A K9 COMPANION The dog’s reputation as man’s best friend is a well earned one. I have always felt a special affinity exists between our two species. There’s an intangible bond something special that connects us and probably has been there since our earliest beginnings. Varied evidences suggest that dog is not only man’s best friend but also his oldest.Our ancestors have added other animals into their communities but dogs […]