Do you know what is ‘GOATS ON THE ROCK?’

Our dogs should be taught from early on to having their paws handled. Counter condition them to the clipper by making it a positive experience being around the clipper, use treats.

Also at times if the ‘Quick’ gets accidentally cut it can cause a bad experience to the entire nail clipping exercise.

What is dog’s Quick?

Quick is the area which has several nerves and blood vessels apart from the dead nail. Mostly holding the clipper at a 35 degrees angle from the tip avoids any damage. The quick recedes eventually if we keep clipping once in a fortnight a tiny bit at the above mentioned angle.

Another consequence of prolonged lack of nail clipping would be what Vet’s refer to as ‘GOAT ON THE ROCK’ posture

Dogs in the wild that had to run distances naturally shaved down the nails, the only time their nails touched the ground was on an incline.

Nails have nerve endings and their senses told them they were on a hill hence shifting or adjusting the posture to forelimbs to manoeuver the climb.

Long nails in current dogs for whatever reason shifts the weight and manipulates the posture

Side effects?? Big time

 Overworked joints and muscle spasticity

Arthritis in bad cases

Nail ripping at play time

Slipping on floors

Chewing and ripping of nails if not timely trimmed

Long nails could damage soft skin around ears while scratching

And eventually irritability which causes behaviour problems

Take care of your urban dog and help them be the perfect k9 companion!