Here s why i say that..

We bring in dogs into our lives where a large population is either first time dog owners or had way too many dogs but had no time or never bothered to check on what their dogs are telling them.

Dogs try to understand us by the way we behave, our body language, our facial expressions and props(e.g leash, ball etc)

I have seen dogs that understand the names of each  and every toy they have. Once prompted they bring back the same toy.

Another thing i have noticed with my girl is when i say, “Do you want a treat?” , she promptly goes by her treat box or cupboard where i store them.

Forget dogs for that matter when i tell my Asian bulbul wild pet, “Do you want cheese?”, she flies and sits on the refrigerator ..

So much of learning has happened because we have associated the words to action and positive outcome.

Animals, dogs included work so hard to understand us and what do WE do in return?

When we have zero understanding of dogs body language..zero understanding of calming signals we end up making our dogs believe that THEY are either communicating wrongly or are in the wrong set of family where no one understands them..

How does it feel to be in and around people when you think they don’t understand you??

Same way for our dogs.

They cannot comprehend that we are another species. For them its all dogs ..why then are we surprised when we end up with dogs that shadow chase/catch their tails/ bang their heads on the wall non stop/ lick their paws and make wounds/bite /run away and hide/Attack kids/choose selective deafness as options..

Learn their language while you teach them yours!