It is not the entire process of being with a dog. There is so much more to what we can make out of the company of a dog.

The word DOG TRAINING is a misnomer!

Training should mean fear free joyful existence with your dog. Ask any dog owner who has an aggressive dog and you would know how they live with the constant fear of what the dog might do next or what its thinking!

Use training to aid you in the process of understanding your dog and being understood by them.

I admit, before becoming a dog trainer, I viewed trainers in general as very overpowering people with an agenda to come and break my dog into listening.

Over the years i learnt through my own care giving and experiences that creating a k9 companion has got nothing  to do with this.

Dogs are such people pleasers! Every single dog has a unique personality. 

Many people still sadly view “Training their dog” as something unnatural but fail to recognise that the mere fact that we are living with another species in itself is unnatural.

Dogs might be the first domesticated animal by mankind but that does not give us a stamped authority to get dog/s into our homes without even attempting to understand the values and specific requirements and the way the species views the world, which is a totally 180 degree shift from how you and i view the world.. its a different perspective. 

The only way out is having a beautiful bond and relationship which in no way means spoiling the dog sick but doing a lot of one – on – one activities with your dog. Going for off leash activities, satiating your dog with the environment to a point where they feel and say to themselves, been there done that, all i want to do is now experience the world with my human buddy!

A good relationship requires communication, training is a vital part of that process. Training teaches you and your dog how to live with each other.

The good part about the training is that it will give you the confidence to reach your goals by teaching you and your dog some life-saving skills!

Don’t shy away from training. Train the dog you HAVE and not the dog you wish you HAD.

View dog training differently. It changed my world and am so sure it will help remodel yours too transforming it for the better.


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